Our vision? „One click lease“


LeaseTeq is the first fully digital leasing provider in Switzerland. The business rests on a proprietary state-of-the-art leasing software and refinancing by major financial institutions. After the start with a leading EV brand, LeaseTeq is now onboarding various other clients and expanding into the EU.

Today, we are teasing that we will soon launch another exciting offering. Delivering value to all stakeholders, supporting the automotive industry. This milestone is achievable only due to the twice-oversubscribed equity round in the summer. We follow our vision of “One click lease”. Any car, anywhere.

In addition, we are pleased to welcome Jan Reinhart, Benjamin Eisert and Patrick L. Krauskopf Krauskopf as new members of the Board of Directors of LeaseTeq AG. We thank Bernhard Maier and Stefan Grimm for their previous commitment. This outstanding Board will guide our development in these exciting times.

Thank you for your trust and investment in us to a group of experienced VC’s and Business Angels: ARMADA Investment AG, Daniel Aegerter, Benjamin Eisert, Hampus Thorson, AMYP Ventures AG, Toni Piëch, Chris Rynning, Alberto Cozzi, Mario Andrea Cozzi, Kurt Rüegg, Michael Sidler, Daniel Gutenberg, Nina Portier Reinhart, Jan Reinhart, Lucas du Croo de Jongh, GAMAFI, Ivan Guez, Massimo Carassinu, Florian Weber, Nicholas Collinson, Charlotte Schindler, SICTIC – Swiss ICT Investor Club.

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