Our heart beats green


For LeaseTeq, “sustainability” is more than a big buzzword used when discussing the challenges around climate change and other social, environmental, and economic matters. The management team, together with the Board of Directors, has defined what sustainability means to LeaseTeq, carried out an extensive assessment and launched a specific sustainability initiative to set goals and clear ambitions which are reported on annually.  

LeaseTeq, is ready to master the challenges ahead and has integrated sustainability into the heart of the company. It is not only an essential pillar of the company’s vision for 2024 which you can read more about here (Driving Innovation and Sustainability: LeaseTeq’s Visions for 2024) it’s also part of its company values. 

As a young and ambitious company, LeaseTeq, does not only prioritize financial performance, but also incorporates social, human, and environmental factors into their decision-making processes.  

All three pillars of the ESG agenda have, directly and indirectly, an impact on our future and this is why the actions LeaseTeq strives to take all focus on sustainable and innovative solutions creating value both for all stakeholders and the company.  

Please see below a few of the ambitions the company has set out to achieve: 

  • Promoting sustainable products such as compostable coffee capsules and participating in sustainability activities, such as food waste reduction using toogoodtogo.com. The goal is to support the wider community, to build stronger relationships in the workplace and to enable staff to have a sense of achievement. Building upon the actions we started in 2023.
  • Embracing equality and diversity by employing many talents incorporating varied perspectives, unique backgrounds and experiences resulting in a diverse culture and knowledge pool that enables more creativity, faster problem solving, more innovation and better decision making. LeaseTeq celebrates the fact that everyone is different! 
  • Evaluating opportunities to enabling clients and partners as well as customers to support sustainable and charitable projects throughout the business life cycle or customer journey such as simply allowing them to round up their finance installment or to offset their carbon footprint through donations.
  • Giving employees the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge through external development courses and networking which in return creates opportunities to share insights and expertise, which not only promotes job satisfaction but also underlines the company’s commitment to fostering a knowledgeable and collaborative workforce. 
  • The company’s hybrid work environment offers flexibility while also providing a place of collaboration and support. The company offers a platform where employees can make choices to improve their performance and productivity while maintaining control over their own work-life balance. LeaseTeq supports its team though a working from home allowance to cover electricity bills and other costs. 
  • Engaging with stakeholders through various initiatives such as surveys and events to build lasting relationships and gather valuable feedback. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to listening and responding to the needs of their stakeholders, as well as attracting and nurturing meaningful interactions. Trustpilot is used to track customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, LeaseTeq enables their employees to take ownership, to drive initiatives and to assume responsibility over a task or result as the company wants everyone to be part of the growth and the success of the company – everyone’s work matters.

LeaseTeq prides itself on offering a sustainable investment opportunity, i.e. a company that has minimal impact on the natural environment or local communities but supports the economy. As an example, between its foundation and until October 2023, LeaseTeq saved at least 23’591 pages of paper through its fully digital leasing solution. Building upon the progress made in 2023.

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