Driving Innovation and Sustainability: LeaseTeq’s Vision for 2024


1 – Technology

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, LeaseTeq stands at the forefront, driving innovation and sustainability through its leading-edge technology. The company recently launched its our second software generation in Austria and is preparing for an upgrade in Switzerland soon. The new architecture allows for efficient scaling and customization of our software and paves the way for the development of advanced portals to enhance the customer and partner experiences.

LeaseTeq is actively working on a revolutionary Dealer Portal, an interface that provides partners with a comprehensive overview of all leases, making management seamless and efficient. The Customer Portal, on the other hand, provides end customers with the tools to effortlessly manage their leasing agreements and personal information. In the future, LeaseTeq aims to expand its technological capabilities to include additional services, such as loans, creating a holistic platform for financial solutions.

2 – Our superpower

At the heart of LeaseTeq’s success is its superpower – our dedicated and growing team. With around 20 new hires in 2023 and ongoing recruitment efforts, the company fosters a culture that values talent and innovation. LeaseTeq believes in giving its employees the freedom to grow and think outside the box and to act like an entrepreneur, understanding that turnover is counterproductive to sustainable success. Employee fulfillment is a top priority, ensuring that the team remains committed to LeaseTeq’s goals and continues to thrive.

3 – Spreading Europe

LeaseTeq’s expansion strategy takes center stage in 2024. While the company started in Austria on a small scale in 2023, the goal for the coming year is to accelerate growth in both Switzerland and Austria. But also to reach new markets such as Germany. The new software will not only facilitates geographical expansion, but also the growth of the network. In 2023 alone, 25 partners and OEMs were on board, with plans for more in 2024, solidifying LeaseTeq’s ambition to become a major player in the European market.

4 – Sustainability

We are part of the whole! Beyond technological innovation and market expansion, LeaseTeq is committed to a sustainable future and responsible business practices, so that we get ready to master the adventures ahead together. The company’s solutions help to protect the environment by significantly reducing paper consumption in the leasing process. However, LeaseTeq recognizes that sustainability goes beyond the digital realm. The company is working on employee benefits to grow our superpower personally but also professionally, e.g. through trainings or well-being activities.

In addition, LeaseTeq extends its commitment to sustainability by dedicating time and resources to support associations focused on protecting the planet. This initiative spans across all countries in which LeaseTeq operates, reflecting the company’s dedication to making a positive impact on a global scale.

As LeaseTeq strides into 2024, it’s not just about technological advancements, but also about building a sustainable future, nurturing a talented team, and expanding its footprint across Europe. LeaseTeq is not just a leasing solution; it’s a beacon of innovation and responsibility in the financial technology landscape.

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