Become a partner

We make leasing simple. Not only for our customers, but also for our partners. Our independently developed leasing software can be flexibly adapted to your needs and our back-end processes are also highly automated. So that we have more time for personal exchange with you.


We are happy to support you as a leasing partner. The following points differentiate us from other providers:

Simple and fast application process

The application can be sent completely digitally in 2 minutes and completed by the customer in 15 minutes.

Paperless and environmentally conscious

All necessary information and documents can be entered online, so that LeaseTeq can immediately can issue a leasing contract.

Highest discretion and data security

We work with renowned partners to verify the identity and creditworthiness of your customers and and to be able to sign the contract digitally. sign the contract digitally.

Attractive commission

Benefit from an attractive commission structure, the amount of which you can set yourself and receive automatically.

Application form

Take a few minutes of your time for us. We will review your information and you will soon be a LeaseTeq partner. As soon as the check is complete, you can send leasing applications to your customers easily and digitally. 

Company data

Company entered in the commercial register on:

Contact person

As the contact person, you will receive the access data for the LeaseTeq portal.

Company results

Please enter your key financial figures according to the audited annual financial statements for the last financial year and the income statement for the current financial year.
Previous year

Current year

Upload financial statements (last two years)

Please upload the audited annual financial statements for the last two years so that we can take the last 3 years into account. Supported file format: PDF.

Control holder (Form K)

In accordance with Art. 4 GWG, we are obliged to identify the controlling owner of operationally active legal entities and partnerships when entering into a business relationship and ask you to provide the relevant information. The contracting party hereby declares that (check the appropriate box):
The deliberate provision of false information in this form is a criminal offense (forgery of documents pursuant to Article 251 of the Swiss Criminal Code).

Authorized signatory

As an authorized signatory, you will receive the partnership agreement by e-mail for digital signature. In the case of a joint signature by two signatories, please indicate both contacts.

You have questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at