Leasing application process

Our leasing application process is completely digital. The applicant goes through five steps, which help us to evaluate the creditworthiness. In cooperation with our renowned partners, we ensure eligibility for a loan and draw up the contracts for your leased vehicle. And all this in only about 15 minutes.

  1. Leasing details
    Here the applicant defines his leasing preferences, such as the amount of the down payment, residual value, etc.. This forms the basis for the tailor-made leasing offer.
  2. Personal details
    In this phase we need the applicant’s personal details in order to be able to issue the leasing contract accordingly.
  3. Income
    In order to carry out a meaningful credit check, we need information about your active and passive income.
  4. Expenses
    Identical to the income, we also need information about your personal expenses in order to evaluate your personal financial situation.
  5. Verification & identity check
    This step is necessary to correct any errors you may have made in the previous steps. We kindly ask you to check the information you have entered again and confirm that everything is correct.You will then be forwarded to our partner for identification of your identity.
  6. Confirmation of sending
    In this final step, we confirm receipt of the application and draw up your personal leasing contract.
Usually, the application process takes less than 15 minutes from start to approval. If the application process is started outside of regular business hours, the identification procedure, for example, must be completed later.
Of course, we try to complete the process as quickly as possible so that you can soon be driving your dream car. Additionally, you should consider the delivery times of the manufacturer. This can be several months for a newly ordered vehicle.

Of course, we try to complete the process as quickly as possible so that you can soon drive your dream car. However, you should take into account the manufacturer’s delivery times as this can take several months for a newly ordered car.

As a leasing provider, we need to verify your identity and determine your creditworthiness.
For identification purposes, it is necessary that you have a valid identification document (passport or ID card) on hand.
Please note that residence permit or driver’s license are not accepted as identification document.
To determine your creditworthiness, we may ask you for proof of your income, assets or company finances. Until we receive these documents, your contract will remain pending, as the documents form part of your leasing contract.

A test drive is possible for almost every car brand. This should be requested directly from a dealer or garage in the vicinity.

We are constantly expanding our offer and partner network. Currently we offer leasing for selected brands such as Tesla. All other brands and models can be requested from your dealer or garage, who will contact us.

LeaseTeq also offers used car leasing for selected brands.

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