Terms & conditions

A private customer has the possibility to withdraw from the leasing contract within 14 days after signing (after video identification).

Yes, the car can be purchased in principle. However, for this, please contact the support at LeaseTeq directly.

Modifications to the vehicle are permitted as follows:
  • The lessee is free to make changes to the vehicle with original manufacturer parts as long as the value is not affected;
  • Modifications with non-branded parts must be submitted in writing and approved by LeaseTeq (please contact our support team at support.at@leaseteq.com);
  • Modifications that affect the value or safety of the vehicle are not permitted.

Prior to returning the vehicle, the lessee shall, at lessor’s request, restore the vehicle to its original condition at lessee’s expense. In addition, the lessee shall be liable for any damage caused or incurred by modifications to or removal of the vehicle. In no case shall the lessor provide compensation for the equipment.

The lessee is responsible for the proper use of the car.

The use of the car is allowed only to the lessee, his family members and employees, if they have a valid driving license and assure the careful handling of the car.
The vehicle repossession can be transferred to a third party, with a signed power of attorney and copy of identification from the lessee.
The leasing application must be in the same name as the vehicle reservation and registration.
We offer terms from 36 to 60 months. It is not possible to change the term of the contract.


This would be considered export and is strictly prohibited. The vehicle must remain in Austria. Vacation trips abroad are of course permitted, provided that the insurance taken out grants full cover in the countries of travel.

If the lessee takes over the vehicle at the end of the lease, no additional kilometers will be charged. If the vehicle is returned at the end of the term or if the contract is terminated prematurely, additional kilometers will be charged.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the lessee must pay for repairs and maintenance work and in any case have them carried out by an authorized dealer.
Any accident (except for minor damage up to an amount of EUR 1.000,00) must be reported immediately to the responsible insurance company and the lessor using the “European accident report” form.

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